64% of people do not know the correct name for bi-fold doors

Almost two-thirds of people searching for what is known in the trade as a ‘bi-fold’ door are unaware of its true name, leading to over 34,000 fruitless searches for the product every month.

Research from Origin, the leading UK manufacturer of premium quality aluminium doors, windows and blinds, asked 500 members of the public to look at the attached infographic and name the doors illustrated within. The results showed that just 36% of people described the doors in question as bi-folds.

Other terms used by the public to describe the doors included: concertina, sliding, folding track, accordion and zig zag. There are over 34,000 monthly searches in Google for the other terms for bi-fold doors, meaning that companies may be failing to attract people to their site who are searching for this door but using different names to describe it.

Neil Ginger, CEO and founder of Origin, said: “Looking at the amount of monthly Google searches for terms other than bi-fold and seeing that just 36% of the people surveyed refer to the doors by this term, it’s clear that there is a lot of scope for companies selling the doors direct to the public to include these other words in their online marketing collateral.”

Understanding that the general public may use different terms to describe the same product can mean that companies can attract more people to their website by using these terms on the site.

Jon Colegate, Director of Search at Ignition Search, an internet marketing company and Google Partner, said: “This is really a matter of choosing the correct keywords to describe your product. The keywords and phrases that are present on your site allow people using a search engine like Google to find your company’s website and products.

Despite Google’s recent progress in ‘semantic’ searches — it is still crucial for companies to ‘speak the same language’ as those trawling the internet so potential customers can find you as quickly and easily as possible.”