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Leading trade fabricator Modplan has made several strategic investments across the business, which has opened up new opportunities and provided additional capacity to support their long-term growth efforts. Managing Director at Modplan, Heidi Sachs, said: “Our recent investments in our infrastructure have given us outstanding product quality and further improved our manufacturing efficiencies. It has also given us additional capacity to help support our growth drive as we have received an influx of new customers over the last few months.”

Modplan is a fabrication partner that offers a complete range of products, state-of-the-art manufacturing, a proactive partnership approach and a reassuring heritage. Their recent investment includes 12 new fabrication machines and the set-up of a dedicated factory for its popular Flush Sash Windows, a move that brings the fabricator’s total manufacturing space to 145,000 sq ft. Heidi says: “The overarching aim of our investment has been to ensure that we can continue to offer the best in product quality with exceptional manufacturing efficiencies for our customers.”

The company has also launched an internal Control Hub to keep its customers one step ahead. It gives at-a-glance information on the status of every order in the system across all its multiple manufacturing sites. This includes the planning summary, stock availability, production levels and dispatch details. Heidi comments: “The Hub is helping us keep our customers informed at every level and helps deliver outstanding customer service and ensures we remain a proactive partner to our customers.”

Modplan fabricates a complete range of high-quality products from leading industry brands including VEKA, Liniar and Leka Systems. Heidi said: “We aim is to keep our eye on trends so we can offer a complete product solution for our customers because we supply everything the market wants.”

Alongside its comprehensive product range, the company is famous for its partnership approach, which extends to marketing, technical and training support to add value to an installer’s business.

Overall, the wide-ranging Modplan offer and continued business investment demonstrate why the company has been in business for nearly 50 years and has become one of the industry’s leading trade suppliers. Heidi concludes: “As a business, we are never complacent and that has ensured we remained a strong and reliable partner for nearly five decades.” So, for an ambitious business looking to work with a secure and proactive fabrication partner, Modplan ticks all the boxes.

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