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Picture above: During the coronavirus crisis, proper dialogue with customers in an atmosphere of mutual trust is still very important to Ensinger – the plastics specialist is inviting customers to its digital showroom.

Insulating bars make it possible to improve the energy efficiency of windows, doors and façades in a way that is sustainable and conserves resources

With insulbar RE-LI Ensinger is optimising the insulating bar in two different ways: It consists of 100 % unmixed recycled polyamide which is foamed in a special manufacturing process and thereby significantly improves the lambda value.











“As a leading trade fair, BAU remains an important meeting point for the industry – even if the coronavirus means we can only come together online”, says Matthias Rink, Sales Director at Ensinger. “Between 11 and 15 January we will be using our virtual showroom to present highlights from our portfolio along with two innovations. In addition, we will be available in the live chat facility to personally answer all questions to do with the thermal break of metal systems.” Existing and potential customers can already register via showroom.insulbar.com/en/homepage/ to arrange appointments.

For the first time, Ensinger will be presenting insulbar RE-LI, which conserves valuable resources in two ways. The insulating profile combines the outstanding environmental footprint of unmixed recycled polyamide with the greater insulating effect of foamed material. Compared to conventional polyamide bars, consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions drop by around 90 %, and water consumption by almost 75 %, in its production phase. In addition, the lambda value is significantly improved thanks to the foamed design of the material.

insulbar insulating profiles for sustainability and efficiency

Innovative concept: Ensinger is presenting a modular system for insulating bars. Diverse geometries can be achieved quickly and easily without having to develop new tools each time.











A further innovative concept in the form of insulbar MIP (Modular Insulating Profile) will be showed and discussed. This is a ‘construction kit’ for insulating bars for which a patent has been filed. It allows basic profiles and functional zones to be combined without the need to develop new tools each time. The intention is to use this modular concept to produce a wide variety of profile geometries even more quickly and easily in the future.

Ensinger’s showroom is all about sustainability and conserving resources. All insulbar product solutions contribute to green construction and to the attainment of climate goals. It is not only the core benefit of insulbar, the thermal break in metal frames of windows, doors and façades, but also the materials used, e.g. unmixed recycled polyamide in the case of insulbar RE and RE-LI, which pay into this ‘account’. www.insulbar.com

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