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A mental and physical health support charity serving people living in Wiltshire, Carmarthenshire and Norfolk has won the support of Burg-Wächter UK’s ‘Secure Communities Scheme’. The security specialist singled out an application from Gul Outdoor Therapy to its scheme, and was impressed with the charity’s work. As a result, Gul has now received a padlock and electronically locking safe donated free of charge by Burg-Wächter. Now, the charity is able to store its possessions safely and keep its perimeter gates secure, which is especially important given that it has an off-grid, rural location.

James Dwyer, Operations Director at Gul Outdoor Therapy, comments:

“Gul provides mental and physical health support in the outdoors. Just over half of our provision is centred on using horses – ridden or ground-based – to teach skills and enhance mental health and wellbeing. The other part of what we do involves using outdoor spaces such as woodlands for the same purpose, and this involves navigation, gardening, bush craft and forest schooling. Prior to Covid there was already a rising need for what we offer, but since the pandemic it appears to have skyrocketed. Our rather remote location, combined with this expansion of activity mean our security needs have grown, and I’m very happy that Burg-Wächter has been able to assist us. It was wonderful that the scheme afforded access to security products ideal for our needs.

“In addition, it was a super-simple process to apply for the equipment. The Secure Communities Scheme is featured on the Burg-Wächter website, and this details what to do. It’s just a case of sending one email, that’s all. I’d strongly recommend that other community-serving initiatives apply.”

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The Secure Communities Scheme gives regional community leaders and volunteers the chance to win a security kit worth up to £200 for their organisation. Any regional initiative that is run by or supports the local community can apply.

Burg-Wächter launched the scheme in recognition of the fact that people around the country who are doing their bit for their community should not have to worry about the security of their premises, equipment or storage areas.  The company’s Secure Communities Scheme is its way of saying thank you to community leaders for supporting people in their area.

The type of project or organisation that the scheme is open to is very wide-ranging. It could be a scouts group; a local sports group like a cycling or football club; a school after-hours club; a hospital or healthcare community programme; a provider of events for children or pensioners; a facilitator of village activity; or a town/village charity. As long as the initiative is run by or supports the local community, and it has a specific security need Burg-Wächter would like to hear about it. Successful applicants will each receive a tailored security kit to help secure property, premises, equipment or storage areas to the value of £150 – £200 at retail price.

The Secure Communities Scheme is an ongoing initiative, which has already helped 97 regional causes through the provision of over 2,000 pieces of security equipment.

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For information on Burg-Wächter’s range of safes and other home security products visit or call 01274 395 333.

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