Mark Hutchinson Managing Director, Tradesmith

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We may leave the EU, but geographically we can’t leave Europe. As one of the world’s biggest economies, the UK can make Brexit a success, with or without a deal. Despite politics and media panic, no one can see into next year, or in 10 years. Most trade will continue within these borders; most
likely with business as usual.

The biggest changes are also within our borders as housing wealth continues to accumulate in over 55-year old homeowners: 30 years of rising house prices have made them property rich. With low or no mortgages, they own the bulk of Britain’s housing wealth and over 90% of UK savings.

They buy what they like to build their wealth. Tradesmith has invested in beautiful top-end brands and the widest range of colour in the South East
so installer customers can sell to these homeowners. But, however Brexit affects us, these ‘Haves’ will be the least-affected so we and our customers continue growing.