Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference 2019

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The commitment of many young people to climate protection and the results of the European election clearly show that the energetic refurbishment of our infrastructure has once again landed at the top of the agenda. That’s why the motto of the 47th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference “Windows for the future – smart, practical, climate-friendly” is at the centre of public debate. The Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference from 9th to 11th October 2019 will meet this challenge with a wide variety of innovative and strategic thematic lectures.

In 2019, Prof. Ulrich Sieberath will open the Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference for the last time in his function as director of ift Rosenheim. In his lecture “Windows for the future”, he shows that there will not be “the one” new window. Rather, a great variety of materials and constructions in all dimensions will be announced in the future. “The future is colourful” responses Prof. Sieberath when asked about his visions. The other contents of the Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference are also presented in a versatile way. This is also confirmed by the two other keynote speeches. In his article “Der Staat als Bauherr” (The State as Building Owner), journalist Jürgen Lauber relentlessly reports on the results of the survey of construction in Germany. He openly speaks out against the dreadful state of construction engineering and for the added-value building culture in the German building industry.

The lecture by Prof. Claudia Kemfert (German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin) deals with “Climate change: Why idleness is expensive for us”. Using quantitative, computer-aided models, it is possible to estimate what climate protection and climate change, energy price fluctuations or sustainable mobility will cost. It becomes visionary with the presentation of facades from
the 3D printer. New things are also happening in the area of rule setting. There is information on the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its German implementation by the “GebäudeEnergieGesetz (GEG)”, and on the new European daylight standard EN 17037.

Of course, lectures on practical solutions for constructional problems will not be neglected either, for
example on fall protection, accessibility, handling safety glass, sun protection in facades or the (r)evolution of window installation with frames.

Already on Wednesday afternoon, the ift Power Workshops will offer window manufacturers insider tips on how to fasten fall protection components, accessibility, threshold heights and rollover capability, as well as on how to offer windows correctly from a technical and legal point of view.

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