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The Genesis Collection from Bison Frames (UK) Ltd remains a popular choice for installers and you only have to look at the products on offer to understand why. Marcus O’Boyle, Business Development and Marketing Manager of Bison Frames discusses the added value benefits Genesis has to offer installers.

Your choice of products is critical to your business. We all know that when it comes to window and door products, today’s consumers are much more design savvy than they once were. Market research continues to report that today’s consumers are looking for high quality, feature rich products when it comes to window and door replacements and are more influenced by design to the extent that price is becoming less an overriding consideration.

Furthermore, today’s consumers have real-time access to unlimited amounts of information due to mobile devices becoming an integral part of daily life. Consumers spend more time researching about the quality of products that are available to enhance their home than ever before. And with the trend of ‘improve, don’t move’ this should be good news for our industry.

What has caused this shift is a growing desire from consumers for a better standard of product. This has been further fuelled by the craze for TV home makeover programmes along with a plethora of home improvement magazines that grace most coffee tables. Installers that adapt their product offer and focus more on refined product benefits, such as quality and styling, will be more attractive to consumers as the industry starts appealing to the heart as well as the head.

The demand for refined, well designed products comes as little surprise to us at Bison Frames which is why in 2013 we launched our first Genesis product, the Genesis Vertical Sliding window. Fast forward six years and the expanded Genesis Collection offers a range of high-end window and door products that not only satisfies the needs of the consumer, but enables the retailer/installer to enhance their margins by selling branded products that offer

compelling USP’s rather than just the lowest price. An example of this is found in the stalwart of the collection, the Genesis vertical slider. It represents true innovation and helped raise the bar for a new generation of window design and manufacture.

The first thing that you notice about the Genesis vertical slider is the use of traditional timber jointing methods rather than the usual 45-degree welds that you see on PVC-U. A deep bottom rail as standard, run-through sash horns, an optional Georgian Astragal bar and a complete range of authentic woodgrain and heritage coloured foil options complete the stunningly authentic heritage appearance. Yet features such as superb security, low maintenance, high-quality spiral balances, a tilt-open facility and superb energy efficient make it every inch a modern window.

Demand for Flush Casement windows remain as buoyant as ever, especially in the refurbishment and new build markets. The Genesis Flush Casement window combines the elegance of a traditional window with all the modern-day properties a consumer would need. And our matching Genesis Flush French door supports the flush-product aesthetics for a totally coordinated look.

Every product in The Genesis Collection is meticulously crafted by us at Bison Frames. The windows and doors are available with a choice of crafted joint options to give a beautiful finish or for projects that want to replicate real timber, The Heritage joint is the perfect choice. For something even more seamless, the Genesis Finesse joint uses Graf weld technology for the ultimate, seamless joint.

In short, the Genesis Collection is perfect for discerning homeowners who are choosing windows as a lifestyle choice and want something that offers real kerb appeal. This makes the Collection perfect for modern homes, as well as traditional properties. And with a selection of colours and unlimited choice of bespoke colour options available too, customers can further add value by adding colour into the mix.

But that’s just the start. When you offer the Genesis Collection you have the opportunity to join the exclusive Genesis Installer Network (GIN). All member companies can benefit from a comprehensive support package which includes consumer lead generation, brochure support and samples. Plus, you’ll benefit from industry-leading service levels, enhanced margins and reputation. It’s a compelling package of benefits that can help drive quality throughout your business and with opportunities in many areas to join this nationally growing network, there has never been a better time to get in touch.

If you’re an ambitious installer who wants to come away from the price war and offer your customers a range of beautifully designed products that have been designed to add value to your business, then we need to talk!

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