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I recently featured a press release in this e-newsletter, from the FMB entitled: Consumer fears over cowboy builders costs UK economy £10bn…

In reaction to the statement, a rather heated ‘Letter to the Editor’ was sent in.

Looking into things further, there does seem to be a real problem within our industry of consumers using under qualified, cheaper builders (handy men); rather than actually being fearful of employing a so called cowboy builder. If consumers choose to use an under qualified builder, against a professional, for a cheaper price, what can they expect?

Give this a read, and let me know what your thoughts are on this.

You can read the statement here

Letter to the Editor:

This is utter rubbish !

Consumers never wish to pay the price for a good building job! They go direct for the cheapest quote and then wonder why it goes wrong.

I am quite sure I am not the only person who sees this happening. My husband has been assisting home owners for 30 years or more and is fully insured. More often than not, he is used to providing a quotation then witnesses the job being dealt with by someone ‘on the side’, over a weekend, far more cheaply. And then the homeowner wonders why they have no regress! With insurance costs etc mounting up its becoming increasingly difficult for a decent builder to be honest and earn a meagre wage. Folk are not playing fair at all!

Small builders do real graft and so many are trained to high standards. Not all builders did a 2-week course online or bought a brick mate from the tv shopping channel. I just think it is sad they are looked down upon so often.